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Simple, sleek, slim & easy… practical minimalist wallet & credit card holder for men, from RAW.
Why are smart millennials gravitating to the RAW minimalist wallet and credit card holder?

For easy, simplicity, protection against pick-pockets, and credit card loss.

Those are the practical reasons. How 'bout this… it's just DOPE!

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• Smmooovvve out your lines and save your backside with this ultra       thin slim wallet.
• You’ll forget you’re even carrying a wallet
• More room in your pockets or your purse, and far less hassle.
• At last! A minimalist wallet with room for cash! Only the Raw                Wallet™ has a center “thru-slot” that will hold your currency with an    extremely tight grip. Easy to get to, but never slips out. 
  And yes, you can get to it from both the top and bottom.
• Never worry about losing your cards. This unique material is                stretchy and strong.
• You’ll love it, or return it for a full refund!
• Choose black, blue, red or yellow raw logo

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To discover how this simple, minimalist wallet can hold everything you need, protect you from thieves, and save your backside.
Absolutely Secure
Go ahead! Turn it upside down. Everything stays put. Dare your "normal" wallet to do this!
Front Pocket Slim
At last that big, bulky, butt-buster of a wallet is a thing of the past. Slip the RAW into your front pocket & nobody will know it's there… perhaps even you!
Exclusive "thru-slot"™
No other wallet… minimalist or otherwise, features this unique "thru-slot" which helps you maintain a slim profile and still enjoy big capacity and carry CASH!

Tom Baker says:

I've been looking for a truly slim wallet to hold the few cards I carry, and this thing is it. I've tried numerous other slim wallets, but they just aren't. The Raw wallet holds my cards securely, and has an ingenious center carrying space for cash. Exactly what I was looking for! If you've been looking for something to just hold a few cards and isn't ginormous when you're carrying it, look no further.

Sarah says:

I love my tiny wallet. As a mom, of course I usually need a ton of cards and such but I decided to split my haul: just a few vital cards go in to the minimalist (and cash if I'm bringing it) and allllllll my other cards go in a larger Mom wallet that I keep in my purse. I've been loving the minimalist wallet because: 1. When going to crowded places or if I'm running I can just slide it in a small pocket 2. when going to pay, I keep it in a small dedicated pocket in my purse so I can just grab it, slide out my debit card, and pay: no need to haul out the huge fat wallet and then repack it.
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